12th July 2010
TAR College Spreads the ‘Green’ Message

On 12th of July 2010, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Diploma Year 2 Chemistry and Biology students carried out the “Green Earth Project” to propagate the message that all should protect the earth and its many wonders. This event took centre-stage that day as many green messages were translated into colourful and informative posters that were lined along the walls of Canteen 2 at the KL Main Campus.

The posters depicted the plight of “Endangered Animals”, “Animal Abuse”, “Imbalance of the Ecosystem”, “Green Technology” and “When We Journey Deep into the Ocean”, a man-made tunnel displaying endangered animal species found in the ocean. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) also set up booth and officials of WWF gave a talk about preserving the environment in order to save endangered animals. 

During the launch of the event, the visitors were entertained by a group of “greenies” who sang the Michael Jackson rendition of “Heal the World”. The audience was visibly moved by the deep-felt meaning of the song. Dr Ng Swee Chin had an important plea in her address to the students which was, “Do not just know how to protect the environment but to translate that knowledge into action.” 

Dr Banumathi A/P Thangavelu, the lecturer cum advisor said: “This project based on the subject of Biodiversity and Ecology has fuelled the interest in our students to spread the ‘green’ message and create awareness about how to protect the environment to their fellow TARCians. Another lecturer, Ms Selvi A/P Chellappan added that it also doubles up as a soft skills development project because it helps to improve students’ communication, leadership and time management skills.”

Ho Wai Teng, a student group leader for “Green Technology” said that while doing research for the project, her group learnt many new things especially about the latest technology in reducing carbon footprint.

With the publicity of such events, TAR College students would be ingrained with the “how to” and “what not to do” in protecting mother nature. This event will certainly benefit all parties and is testimony to TAR College’s commitment in providing holistic education.

A poster showing the links in an ecosystem and how important it is to preserve the environment.
Dr Ng Swee Chin, Head of School of Arts and Science (left) and Dr Loke Chui Fong, Head of Division (Chemistry and Biology) at the launch, preparing to reveal a “green” message from the “polluted”earth.
Students singing their hearts out to the rendition of “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson.
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