May 2017
Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok delivering his welcoming speech.

New students showing their enthusiasm as they start a new chapter in their lives.

A sea of red as freshmen occupy the University College hall.

Senior University College officials being introduced on stage during the ceremony.
31 May 2017
New beginning for freshmen at TAR UC

Thousands of freshmen clad in red shirts congregated in the University College Hall on 24 May 2017 to attend Mass Call. This was to signify the start of their new journey in tertiary education at TAR UC.

After being welcomed and briefed by the Department of Student Affairs, the emcees eased the freshmen by breaking the ice with jokes that left the audience in stiches. Videos of the vibrant campus lifestyle and a lineup of various upcoming activities such as Society Day, Talentime Nite, Orientation Odyssey Nite and the Library Induction Programme were also shown whilst the emcees explained in detail the excitement that awaited the freshmen.

During the ceremony, the freshmen were led by Student Representative Council President, Eric Lim to recite the student oath. Prior to that, he also imparted some words of assurance and confidence about his own journey from a freshman to a student leader. He urged them to step out of their comfort zones and to boldly try new experiences.

In his welcoming speech, Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC shared some enlightening words to the freshmen. “Life in an institution of higher learning is about discovery and personal growth. At the same time, tertiary education is very much skewed towards independent learning. As you stand at the threshold of adulthood, you need to be resilient in face of the challenges that come your way,” he said. “The road is all set for you to embark on this important journey in your life. You will be spending a great amount of time and energy here in your pursuit of knowledge and education. Thus, it is only wise that you would do all you can to ensure a smooth journey towards your ultimate goal, which is to obtain a prestigious qualification from TAR UC.”

Amni Nur Qamarina Binti Zainddin, an A Level Science student was captivated by the lively campus lifestyle. “I am very excited to start my tertiary education here. Seeing how vibrant the student activities are, I hope that I will have the opportunity to participate in many of them to create a wholesome and memorable experience here.”

Her course mate, Levannyah A/p Rajasegaran was equally eager to share her choice to study at TAR UC. “My brother did his A Level here and he recommended it to me because of the quality education delivered by TAR UC. The timetable for this semester looks quite packed but I am confident that I will be able to manage.” Although still unsure of what her future choices might be, Levannyah expressed her hope that her experience here will guide her to the right education path.

Sandra Chen, who will be pursuing her Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Advertising at TAR UC, attributed her decision to enroll to the local and international recognition of this institution. “My decision to study at TAR UC was made after considering the many career opportunities that will be opened to me,” she said. “Besides that, with such comprehensive extra-curricular activities available here and a booming student lifestyle, I am sure that I will be able to develop not only my professional skillset but also groom me to be a more capable and confident individual,” she added.

Also, friends Kishen and Kuhan, freshmen of Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting) expressed their enthusiasm in commencing their studies. “I have always been interested in pursuing a career in accounting. I hope that I’ll be able to get along well with our course mates and digest all the knowledge our lecturers instill”, shared Kishen. “TAR UC was our first choice because of its quality and affordable education,” claimed both Kishen and Kuhan.


TAR UC team celebrating their victory when they were announced as the Champion team in the competition. (From left to right): Cha Chin Seng, Debbie Lim Wing Yee, Ms Yeo Liu Choo, Associate Dean, Accountancy, Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (‘FAFB’), Mr Chuah Chin Leong, Associate Dean, Professional Accountancy, FAFB, Lim Jing Jie and Kang Chien Woei.

30 May 2017
TAR UC Tops 16th National Inter-Varsity Accounting Quiz 2017

Two teams of students represented TAR UC in the 16th National Inter-Varsity Accounting Quiz 2017 (‘16th N-IVAQ’) which was held from 14-15 April 2017 where one of the teams went on to win the Champion title in the competition. The top team of students who are all studying the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in TAR UC claimed the top spot after beating 216 other participants from 25 different institutes of higher learning. The annually held competition was organised by the Multimedia University Accounting Club (Melaka Campus) in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (‘MIA’).

There were altogether 3 stages in the competition. In the qualifying round, participants were required to answer 60 multiple choice questions and 1 structured question. From the qualifying round, the top 20 teams advanced to the semi-final stage where they were required to answer 10 subjective questions. The top 5 teams with the best answers in the semi-final round then proceeded to the finals to do a presentation on a specific accounting topic to a panel of judges.

The Champion team from TAR UC consists of team members Lim Jing Jie, Cha Chin Seng, Kang Chien Woei and Debbie Lim Wing Yee. Team leader Lim Jing Jie was very happy with the team’s impressive win in the competition. “The competition posed a new set of challenges for us as the questions posted to us were developed by MIA and they were very industry-related. Besides this, the questions covered various areas such as auditing, financial accounting, finance, management accounting, professional / business ethics & corporate governance and accounting information systems. As such, I am extremely proud of our team’s achievement that despite the questions being difficult, we succeeded in tackling the challenges,” Jing Jie shared.

Explaining on how the team took up the challenge to do their best in the competition, Cha Chin Seng elaborated: “The odds were against us as all of us are currently undergoing our internship, thus leaving us limited time to prepare well for the competition. On top of this, we also did not have much knowledge in certain areas which were covered in the competition. However, those odds motivated us to do our very best. In addition to this, our lecturers were amazing in dedicating their time and energy to help us in every way possible and TAR UC provided all the necessary learning materials for us to prepare well for the competition. And while preparing for this competition I realised that our lecturers had taught us very effectively as we could easily recall the lessons they taught us in class with minimum time spent on revision.”

As Champions, the students took home a total cash prize worth RM1,500 and the grand trophy as well as each of them receiving their own trophy.

Lee Teck Yuan and Chua Wei Choon who are studying the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) and Tan Kar Men and Chin Hong Yip both of whom are students of the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons), were the members of the other team from TAR UC who reached the semi-final stage of the competition.


Professor Dr Leonard Yong (front row 2nd from left) giving a high five together with Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok (front row middle) as well as Ms Kho Sok Kee (front row rightmost), Ms Say Sok Kwan (front row 2nd from right) and Dr Chook Ka Joo (front row leftmost), Vice Presidents of TAR UC

Professor Dr Leonard Yong emphasising key points in his talk

Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok (left) presenting a token of appreciation to Professor Dr Leonard Yong

25 May 2017
Insightful Talk on Understanding Entrepreneurship Through LPI

TAR UC alumnus, Professor Dr Leonard Yong, who gained international recognition for his ground-breaking work on Leonard Personality Inventory (‘LPI’) and its use in developing emotional intelligence and creativity, was in TAR UC Kuala Lumpur Main Campus on 2 May 2017 to give an insightful talk entitled “Identifying and Developing Entrepreneurship Using LPI Personality Analysis”.

His talk touched on the archetypal traits of an entrepreneur and his behavioural makeup. The usual traits of an entrepreneur are, amongst others, being highly disciplined, confidence, open-minded, self-starter, competitive, strong work ethics, passion and creativity. He explained that personalities can be grouped into 5 core types which are identified as Creative Imaginator (‘O’), Neutral Expert (‘N’), Analytical Thinker (‘A’), Relational Interactor (‘R’) and Decisive Decision Maker (‘D’). From these 5 personalities, he went on to describe in details the 26 Leonard Personality Inventory profiles which are the permutations of the core personalities. Professor Dr Leonard Yong also shared that among the 5 groups Creative Imaginator or O is an important factor in an inventor or entrepreneur.

He also revealed an uplifting secret to the delight of the audience including Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC. “Everyone has the entrepreneur’s behaviour”, he said. However, it is passion that makes a successful entrepreneur. Professor Dr Leonard Yong also encouraged students to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship in order to continuously improve themselves as that would be the way for them to move forward.

Meanwhile, it was highlighted in the talk that Malaysia has many entrepreneurial talents but due to environmental factor, most of them have unfulfilled potential. To reverse such circumstance, a change in the environment would be necessary to stimulate entrepreneurship.

He added: “Entrepreneurship is about living. A real entrepreneur has passion and adds value to what he does”. In addition to this, he also highlighted that a good mentor is also key in shaping an entrepreneur and a conducive environment such as an incubator is important to enable entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. He lauded TAR UC for having established the TARC Incubator to provide an excellent platform and ecosystem to nurture and promote entrepreneurship within the campus.

Before the end of the talk, Professor Dr Leonard Yong exhorted the audience to have healthy fun as this will help to fuel passion in what we do.








Images: (1) Group photo of TAR UC staff members and final year Graphic Design and Multimedia students at the /’mӕtә/ showcase. (2) Students attending pre-briefing by Mr Bernard Kong (seated on a chair), Programme Leader of Multimedia Design before the event. (3) /’mӕtә/” showcase at KL East Gallery.

Images: (4) Poster of /’mӕtә/ showcase. (5) Ms Dearna Kee June Chen, Dean of FSAH (leftmost) and Ms Teng Sok Hooi, Associate Dean of Creative Arts (rightmost) posing with proud student and parent. (6) Great support from Programme Leaders & Lecturers (standing from left to right) Pn Nurulhuda Binti Zainudin, Ms Tan Yar Shi, Mr Foo Yi Chyuan, Ms Ooi Siew Fong, Mr Royer Wan, Associate Professor Dr Hj Ruslan Rahim, member of the Programme Advisory Panel (PAP), and En Mohamed Asri Ahmad, Creative Industry Expert, (squatting from left to right) Mr Tham Chen Tong and Mr Bernard Kong.

(7) Multimedia students presenting their work to Associate Professor Dr Hj Ruslan Rahim (standing second from right) member of the Programme Advisory Panel.

(8) En Mohamed Asri Ahmad (in maroon shirt), Creative Industry Expert viewing through student’s work while Mr Royer Wan (leftmost), lecturer looks on.

(9) & (10) Booth design, project and portfolio display showcased by Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design students to public audiences.

Photo credit: Robinson Soo Kuan Yee, TAR UC student - Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design.

17 May 2017
Graphic Design & Creative Multimedia Degree Showcase 2017

The Creative Arts graduate showcase was presented with great success by the Faculty of Social Science, Arts & Humanities (‘FSAH’), showcasing final year projects by Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Creative Multimedia (Honours) students with the support of Creative Arts Society (CAS) as the students had reached the ultimate journey of their professional practice with TAR UC, and they marked this milestone by presenting their masterpieces. This year, the showcase was held at KL East Gallery from 27 till 29 April 2017.

Associate Professor Dr Hj Ruslan Rahim, member of the Programme Advisory Panel (PAP), and En Mohamed Asri Ahmad, Creative Industry Expert were invited to the showcase to view and provide their feedback on the students’ works.  Students also demonstrated their progress through their works to both Internal and External Moderators, while industry partners scouted for talents at the same time.

/’mӕtә/” is this year’s exhibition theme, derived from the word “matter”. The idea of symbol “ӕ” was incorporated into the showcase logo. The merging of “a” and “e” represents joint efforts of two different disciplines – Graphic Design and Multimedia Design. It portrays the coming-of-age of young design graduates, as they emerge as highly polished designers ready to embark on a journey into their future careers.

Another dimension of “ӕ” is related to its meaning as an encoding symbol, through which information is converted into a particular form. In this case, the forms  take the shape of unique visual communication designed by TAR UC Creative Arts students  as shown in their projects ranging from mobile game, UI design, short film, projection mapping, animation, motion graphic, web and interactive content, photography to print design, delivered through various mediums  such as traditional methods and digital platforms. .

The annual design showcase not only serves as an open portfolio review platform but also an excellent opportunity for TAR UC design graduates to exchange creative ideas with family, friends and peers, as well as  networking with local professionals and members of the public.




Ooi Kim Huat who won the CIMA Prize Winner 2016 in Malaysia for paper E3 Strategic Management

9 May 2017
TAR UC Student Aces Out Others to be CIMA Prize Winner

In the recent announcement released by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (‘CIMA’), TAR UC graduate, Ooi Kim Huat emerged as the CIMA Prize Winner 2016 in Malaysia for paper E3 Strategic Management. The young graduate who completed his Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) in TAR UC in October 2016 was delighted with his achievement.

“I was very surprised when I found out about my achievement as the examination was challenging. Although the examination questions were in the form of multiple choices, the questions were very much industry related and I had to analyse each option properly before choosing my answer. Looking back, I am very grateful to my lecturers who not only pushed me to revise extensively for the examination, but they provided the relevant study materials for me and frequently met up with me to discuss the areas that I was not sure of. Through my discussions with them, I also learnt to think critically and this experience will be of great help to me in my career,” he said.

With an ambition to become an educator in the field of Management, Kim Huat shared the reasons that led him to pursue his tertiary education in TAR UC. “What led me to TAR UC is the various professional accreditations the institution has received from renowned professional bodies especially CIMA. I am looking at building my expertise in Strategic Management. Thus, a professional qualification from CIMA will certainly carry weight in pursuit of my ambition. Given the fact that TAR UC is CIMA’s Global Learning Premium Partner and  maximum exemptions accorded to TAR UC’s Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) (11 out of 16 papers) by CIMA, studying in TAR UC was the smartest choice for me,” he explained.

The young and determined graduate is working towards obtaining his CIMA qualification and Chartered Global Management Accountant (‘CGMA’) designation before he hits 30 years old. With this focus in mind, Kim Huat will be joining CIMA Malaysia as the Project Coordinator in mid May 2017 where he will be working towards acquiring valuable work experience while pursuing other relevant papers from CIMA.


Mr Johan Lim (standing) presenting the MBA programme to the participants.

Mr Mammed Bagher (standing in white shirt) sharing about Edinburgh to the participants at the beginning of his presentation.

The participants visiting the postgraduate library.

5 May 2017
Preview on TAR UC MBA Programme

TAR UC through the Centre of Postgraduate Studies and Research successfully held a comprehensive and informative preview on the Master of Business Administration (‘MBA’) programme on 26 April 2017. The programme preview aimed to provide the necessary information and unique features of TAR UC’s MBA programme such as Dual Award to potential students who are planning to pursue their masters’ degree in TAR UC.

Mr Johan Lim Kii Geat, Associate Dean of Management from the Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (‘FAFB’) conducted the preview where he explained the programme’s content and structure as well as the entry requirements. He also introduced the Dual Award arrangement with Edinburgh Napier University (‘ENU’), UK after which Mr Mammed Bagher, Director of MBA Programmes, The Business School, ENU, continued by sharing more specific details about the Dual Award arrangement.

“Students pursuing the MBA programme will be required to attend a two-week workshop in ENU. Such arrangement provides a platform for students to interact with students from other countries in Asia, Europe and America. What you will learn is more than just the skills but looking at business with global perspective. In the two week period, you will be taken on business tours, visit cultural activities and festival as well as having the opportunity to hold discussions with our academic staff on your final project for the programme. After two weeks, you can either choose to continue the project at ENU or return to TAR UC to complete the final project,” added Mr Mammed Bagher.

The Dual Award arrangement is incorporated in TAR UC’s MBA programme to provide international perspective in today’s globalised business world. This will help students to develop in them the required competencies to achieve business excellence with global sense which is valued highly in the industries worldwide. The study abroad in ENU also provides an avenue for TAR UC students to build strong network with their classmates from all over the world which will be synergistic in mapping their business ventures when they have graduated. Most important of all, students stand to receive two prestigious MBA qualifications, one from TAR UC and another from ENU and this will greatly enhance their career prospect locally and internationally.