March 2017
From left to right: Assoc Prof Dr Ng Swee Chin, Vice President of TAR UC, Mr Tay Tee Tiong, Senior Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering Department, FEBE, Goh Shu Wan, Low Ting Sheng, Phoon Zee Him, Andrew Tay Jun Feng, Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, Lim Hui Yan, Ow Yong Hui Yan and Assoc Prof Dr Yip Mum Wai

The students operating their robots at the competition

24 March 2017
TAR UC Students Emerge as First Runner-up at Robotics Competition

TAR UC students once again proved their practical problem-solving capabilities by reigning in the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (‘UTAR’) Intercampus Robotics Competition. They emerged First Runner-up in the competition which was held on 23 July 2016 at UTAR, Sungai Long Campus. Organised by UTAR Robotics Society, the competition saw the participation of 10 other local institutions of higher learning. TAR UC’s team consisting of Year 3 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechatronic students, Phoon Zee Him, Goh Shu Wan, Ow Yong Hui Yan, Lim Hui Yan, Andrew Tay Jun Feng and Low Ting Sheng, walked away with cash prize RM1,000 and certificates.

The team started designing, testing, trouble-shooting and improving their robots since February 2016. They built 3 robots and modules which were the wheeled mobile robot, robotic arm, and robotic boat. These robots and modules can be controlled from Android-based mobile devices running a specific application.

In the competition, the students’ robots were required to collectively complete 1 main task and 4 optional sub-tasks. Both the main task and sub-tasks were to be completed within the allocated time which was 10 minutes, failing which the team would be disqualified. Points were given for the completion of the sub-tasks and the time taken to complete the main task. The winners were therefore determined based on the highest scores. TAR UC’s team of students successfully completed the 4 sub-tasks perfectly in the shortest time. They also did their very best to complete the main task which involved the robotic boat and overall, they managed to secure the first runner-up position.

On the strategies or methods used by the students in creating their robots, the team leader, Phoon Zee Him said, “It involved a lot of trial and error as we explored various ways in creating the robots to perform their designated tasks.”

“We also owe our success to our lecturers who indeed helped us a lot. Whenever we were in doubt about anything, they were ever-willing to share their knowledge and guide us. Our lecturers were also helpful in the sense that they gave us the freedom to use our creativity and try new things,” he added.

The team of students was also most grateful for the financial and moral support given by TAR UC, Assoc Prof Dr Yip Mum Wai, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment (‘FEBE’), Ms Lim Joo Eng, Associate Dean of Mechanical Engineering, FEBE, and all who contributed directly and indirectly towards their win.




The 17 students including Chan Ching Wei (second row fourth from left) who created the award-winning #17.

#17 on display capturing the attention of the visitors at the exhibition.

The award won by TAR UC students on display inside #17.
20 March 2017
TAR UC Students Prove their Mettle in Architecture Competition

TAR UC has stamped yet another mark in the annually held Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) Architecture Students Work Exhibition by winning the Gold award in the category of Best Booth Display. . Organised by Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia, the competition which had a participation of 20 institutions of higher learning was held from 5 – 9 October 2016 in a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur.

The competition required participants to construct an exhibition booth with the theme ‘ARCHInteraction’ which is the short form for Architecture and Interaction. The booth was required to be constructed within a space of 3 metres by 3 metres. TAR UC’s team of 17 Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Hons) students did their best to clinch the award. “Basically, we built this exhibition booth using the slot in & out approach where the shape and design of the booth were very much influenced by the characteristics of the ‘Tiang Seri’ which is the Malay traditional house. Besides this, in line with the theme for this year’s exhibition which is to create an interactive space for users through architecture, we also ensured our booth had a comfortable and spacious space for users to enjoy basic recreational activities such as reading. Besides this, a ramp is fixed at both entrances of the booth for easy access especially for children, the elderly and the disabled,” explained Chan Ching Wei who was the team leader for the group of students.

The team took approximately 3 weeks to plan, design and construct the booth. Recalling back on the journey the team went through for this competition, Ching Wei shared: “Coordinating and managing 17 different individuals was not an easy task as each one of us had our own creative ideas on how to approach this competition. As a team, we wanted to incorporate all 17 ideas to produce the design for the booth and although there were frictions as times, we learnt to cooperate with each other and we successfully integrated each of our ideas to produce this award-winning structure. This is why our booth is named as #17. As the team leader, I was able to learn and experience first-hand the crucial skills a good leader should have which include communication, interpersonal, time management and problem solving. I am also very grateful that my lecturers not only shared their knowledge in architecture to help us but they provided their guidance in every stage of the planning and constructing #17.”





Mdm Looi Li Chin (left, holding an umbrella), Head of CPUS, accompanies Ms Kho Sok Kee (right), Vice President of TAR UC, while she releases the baby kois into the pond.

A lecturer releasing a baby koi into the pond

Two Foundation students together releasing the kois into the pond
16 March 2017
98 Baby Kois Released in Conjunction with TAR UC Foundation Day

On the morning of 24 February 2017, the Centre for Pre-University Studies (‘CPUS’) through the Debate Club, held an exciting event whereby 98 baby kois were released into the pond at the Waterfall Garden in conjunction with TAR UC Foundation Day. It was indeed a fun and lively occasion as everyone cheered to the release of the baby kois into the pond by Senior Officials of TAR UC, lecturers and students.

Mr. Teddy Nelson, Coordinator of the Debate Club, explained: “Baby kois are closely related to the Chinese culture and by releasing these fishes into the pond, it symbolises a new beginning and good luck as we commemorate the day our institution opened its doors to students for the very first time 48 years ago.”

The event was mainly a fund raising initiative by students of the Debate Club with the kois being sold at RM10 per fish prior to the event. The money collected would be donated to the TARC Student Welfare Fund or the Student Centre Building Fund. CPUS is actively encouraging students to donate to the University College while they are still students so that when they graduate, this habit of giving back would already have been inculcated in them.





The teams from Kuala Lumpur Main Campus with their mock cheques in the presence of Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, (standing fourth from left), President of TAR UC, Assoc Prof Dr Ng Swee Chin (standing second from left), Vice President of TAR UC, Assoc Prof Dr Yip Mum Wai (standing second from right) and academic staff from FEBE.

Team from TAR UC Penang Branch Campus with the mock cheque of their win (from left to right): Mr Poo Teng Soo, Mr Tai See Chew and Mr Nikalus Swee Shu Luing.

13 March 2017
TAR UC Teams Score Impressive Wins in MyTRIZ Competition 2016

TAR UC dominated in the MyTRIZ Competition 2016 when its team of students and lecturers took home the Grand Prize and four Merit Prizes. This would be the 5th time that TAR UC participated and won prizes in the annually held competition which took place on 26 November 2016.

The theme for the competition was ‘Develop Great Innovation with TRIZ’, which complements the competition’s objectives of encouraging the application of TRIZ systematic innovation methodology, cultivating the spirit of innovation and to generate awareness of TRIZ systematic innovation around the Asia region. In a nutshell, TRIZ is a structured process that uses algorithms to enhance creativity through the scientific application of methods and principles. It is used to solve complex technical problems and assist in generating higher quality solutions in less time. For the competition, participants were required to complete two parts. The first was solving a common day-to-day problem with a low cost product solution costing less than RM100 and the second part was to solve a more complex challenge or problem using the TRIZ methodology.

The team from TAR UC which bagged the Grand Prize of RM8,000 consists of Assoc Prof Dr Yip Mum Wai, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (‘FEBE’), Mr Naveeyindren Tangarajah, Lecturer from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, FEBE, and Lee Chen Yuek, a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical student. There were three teams from TAR UC Kuala Lumpur Main Campus who won Merit Prizes of RM1,000 each. One team consists of Dr Teoh Choe Yung, Lecturer from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, FEBE, as well as students studying the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical namely Morgan Tan Yii Hang and Sim Lee Ping. Another team was made up of Cheong Cheng Fai, Ang Cheng Heng, Chong Kah Loong who are students of the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical. The third team which won a Merit Prize comprises Assoc Prof Dr Yip Mum Wai, Ching Weng Gui, TAR UC Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical student and a working professional from Bosch Malaysia. Another Merit Prize winning team is from TAR UC Penang Branch Campus comprising Mr Nikalus Swee Shu Luing, Programme Leader (Computer Science & Information Technology), Mr Poo Teng Soo, Programme Leader (Building) and Mr Tai See Chew, Programme Leader (Engineering).

For Part 1 of the competition, the top team produced a dustpan that sucks in excess dirt which is usually left after sweeping most of the dirt. As for the rest of the teams which won merit prizes, their low cost product solutions comprised a screw with modified head to increase its durability, a special layer which can be fixed on top of a shower drain hole to ease the cleaning process of the hole, a modified folding emergency door meant for handless people and modifying a riveter to ensure the mandrel stem does not snap easily.

Meanwhile for part 2 of the competition, the top team created an industrial solution to minimize the number of damaged chips especially in the testing section, whereas the industrial solutions came forth from teams which won merit prizes included modification to a broom adapter to accurately fit into the broomstick to make it last longer, eliminate the noise of the drill which usually causes loud noise in low frequency, a new generation flush toilet system to reduce the volume of water by three quarters and reduction of noise level made by a strip brush machine.


A group photo of TAR UC’s Graphic & Multimedia Design students with Ms. Teng Sok Hooi, Associate Dean of Creative Arts, TAR UC (far right) as well as Mr. Foo Yi Chyuan, Mr. Jeremy Pinto and Mr. Bernard Kong, Creative Arts Academics of TAR UC (far left) at the sCooler Awards Ceremony, Publika.

Images: (1), (2), (3) & (5): TAR UC students posing with their design works. (4): Students presenting their work to panel industry professionals during The sCooler Awards Portfolio Review session.

Photos of TAR UC students and academics at the sCooler Awards ceremony.

9 March 2017
TAR UC’s Graphic & Multimedia Students Scoop Up Prizes in SCOOLER Awards Malaysia

On 24th February 2017, 18 aspiring young designers from TAR UC’s Graphic and Multimedia programmes were presented with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for their design works at the glittery award ceremony of Malaysia’s 1st sCooler Awards, which took place at Publika’s White Box, Black Box, MAP, in Kuala Lumpur. They were selected for the awards among students from 17 other colleges and universities nationwide.

The sCooler Awards competition was launched on 28th October 2016 and was divided into three categories – “Idea”, “Craft” and “Special” categories. The competition was judged by a panel of industry leaders representing various creative areas of expertise. During the award night, a series of talks was given by industry leaders – Mr. Stanley Clement from SOCIETY (IPG Mediabrands MY), Mr. VJ Anand from BBDO Malaysia, and Mr. Alvin Teoh from NAGA DDB.

During The sCooler Awards Portfolio Review session, students spent 15 minutes presenting their design portfolios to the panel of industry professionals face-to-face. They were divided into three per group and were required to present their work to three separate panels of judges in the judging hall.

During the sCooler Awards ceremony, Mr. Foo Yi Chyuan, TAR UC’s Creative Arts academic, who guided and supervised both Graphic and Multimedia students throughout the sCooler Awards art and design competition received a honourary “Lecturer of the Year” Award, while TAR UC’s Graphic and Multimedia students from both Bachelor and Diploma programmes won an unprecedented number of awards. Below is a list of TAR UC student winners:

Idea category

Best Digital - Burger Stack - Bronze

  • Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee – Bachelor of Multimedia  (Hons) in Multimedia Design

Craft category

Best Art Direction - KREIS - Finalist

  • Loh Soon Zheng – Bachelor of Design (Hons)
    in Graphic Design
  • Chua Pei Yin    – Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Lim Su Zhen    – Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Lim Chi Yi        – Diploma in Graphic Design

Best Typography - The Sagittarius & Co. - Bronze

  • Mohamad Iskandar Bin Che Zulkplee - Diploma of Graphic Design
  • Chai Vui Kian   – Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Ng Qiao Zhu     – Diploma in Graphic Design

Best Illustration - Digital - The Adventurer's Journal - Gold

  • Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee – Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) in Multimedia Design

Best Illustration - Digital - What is the Process of Design Student Becoming a True Designer – Silver, and

Best Illustration - Digital - 21 Questions Designer Should Ask the Client - Bronze

  • Teo Poh Ling   – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Yap Hui Cen – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Tan Li Jing – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design

Best Photography - Twilight - Silver

  • Fong Yap Zhun – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Kam Weng Yan – Bachelor of Design             (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Teo Poh Ling – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Yap Hui Cen – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Chan Xue Qi – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Tan Li Jing – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design

Special category

Best Work Inspired By Current Events - Safe-fie - Gold

  • Cheng Leong Wai – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Choy Yue Ling – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Quay Hui Ling – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Ng En Mei – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design

Student of the year

  • Teo Poh Ling – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Yap Hui Cen – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Tan Li Jing – Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Graphic Design

Lecturer of the year

  • Foo Yi Chyuan (TAR UC Creative Arts Academic)

“As an educator in arts and design, there are many good ways to influence and affect change in the world. One way is by providing our students the opportunity to shine so that they can learn through experience and exposure. The sCooler Awards is truly a remarkable platform for young designers to unleash their creativity and talent, as they are the vision and voice of tomorrow.” said Mr. Foo Yi Chyuan, a TAR UC Creative Arts academic.


A group photo of Mr. Kendy Mitot (front row: second from left) and his proud colleagues from TAR UC’s Creative Arts Department at his showcase in PETRONAS Art Gallery.

Mr. Kendy Mitot with his mixed media art installation – Bilayar Simonggi I’eng D’e Piobuo (The Last Voyage of the Souls/Spirits) and Tipaduak wood carving

Images (1) & (2) : Mr. Kendy Mitot interviewed by Selamat Pagi Malaysia (SPM), TV1, RTM. Image (3) : Mr. Kendy Mitot presents his mixed media art installation to viewers at the PETRONAS Art Gallery.

Artist : Kendy Mitot

Art Installation : Bilayar Simonggi I’eng D’e Piobuo (The Last Voyage of the Souls/Spirits) 2017

For those interested to view Mr Kendy Mitot’s art installation, details are as below.

Showing at :

PETRONAS Art Gallery

MANAH : Alam Pusaka Kehidupan | A Living Legacy

Curator : Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Baharuddin Bin Modn Arus

Duration of exhibition: 14th February 2017 – 16th April 2017

Open from Tuesday - Sunday, from 10:00am - 8:00pm

8 March 2017
TAR UC Creative Arts Academic Showcases Artistic Expressions at PETRONAS Art Gallery, KLCC

Faint shadows of hovering native sailboats surfaced across one of the exhibition spaces within PETRONAS Art Gallery, KLCC, originating from a mixed media masterpiece delicately made from natural strands of sago frond, boyuh tree bark, rattan and binuak wood by Mr. Kendy Mitot, Creative Arts academic of TAR UC’s Faculty of Social Science, Arts & Humanities. Mr. Mitot’s art installation entitled "Bilayar Simonggi I’eng D’e Piobuo” (The Last Voyage of the Souls/Spirits), is an extension of his PhD research which focuses on embracing the indigenous values of the Bidayuh culture.

“Being an academic goes beyond just teaching. It is also about educating communities on the humanity aspect through our work so as to set examples for our younger generation,” said Mr. Mitot. Looking on were Mr. Mitot’s supportive colleagues and students from TAR UC who came to share in his awe-inspiring moment at the PETRONAS Art Gallery on 21st February 2017.

Mr. Mitot’s artwork resembles the Bidayuh’s ritual of journeying paddy spirits crossing into another realm to be reunited with the souls of their ancestors in the “Manah : Alam Pusaka Kehidupan (A Living Legacy)” exhibition by Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Baharuddin Bin Modn Arus, curator for the Manah exhibition. Along with other local indigenous artists, Mr. Mitot’s art piece sheds light on aboriginal fine art through historical moments that incorporate Malaysian indigenous cultural design – a highly praised showcase at the PETRONAS Art Gallery.

“Mr. Mitot’s artwork is personal and yet modern. It resonates not just with the art world, giving viewers an insight into the indigenous worldview and healing - indeed a great stride for our Malaysian contemporary art,” said Ms. Tan Yar Shi, Programme Leader of Creative Arts.


Tan Xin Yin who emerged top in Malaysia and third in the world for paper P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics in the ACCA December 2016 examinations.

2 March 2017
TAR UC Student Emerges as Malaysia’s Top Scorer in ACCA Examination

The latest high achiever from TAR UC who has achieved exceptional results in the ACCA examinations is Tan Xin Yin. Xin Yin emerged as Top in Malaysia and Third in the World for paper P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics in the December 2016 examinations.

Xin Yin who graduated from TAR UC in November 2016 with a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) was extremely happy to receive the news. “I have put in a lot of effort in my preparation for the ACCA examinations. Besides my daily revision, I invested a lot of my time to practise answering past year examination questions which I obtained from TAR UC Library. I am also very appreciative of my lecturers for conducting intensive revision classes for me and my classmates. TAR UC’s Virtual Centre for Excellence in Professional Accountancy is another facility that was of great help in my revision as it contains relevant reading materials, past examination question papers and techniques on how to answer questions in the ACCA examinations,” she remarked.

The high achiever also shared her reasons of choosing to study in TAR UC and how her decision to study in TAR UC proved worth her while. “I chose to study in TAR UC because of its reputation as one of ACCA’s Platinum Approved Learning Partner. The 4 years that I spent in TAR UC was very fruitful for me as I have built a solid foundation in the area of accounting. Besides this, my lecturers are very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach and they ensure that the students are well-equipped with the latest trends in the profession. On top of this, as I was constantly required to do presentation in class, my communications skill has improved tremendously and this has helped me during my 6-month internship programme where I was required to engage with people from various levels,” she explained.

With all the skill sets and knowledge that Xin Yin obtained while studying in TAR UC, the high achiever is confident of soaring high in the corporate world. “I am currently working in an audit firm as an Audit Associate where I seek to gain working experience in auditing before I move forward in achieving my ambition to be a Chartered Accountant. A professional qualification from ACCA will certainly carry weight. However, it is a well-known fact that obtaining the ACCA professional qualification is challenging and time consuming, but with TAR UC’s Bachelor of Accounting (Hons), I was exempted from all 9 papers of the ACCA Fundamentals.  As such, I was able to pursue the ACCA Professional Level papers after I graduated. Having said this, I have to thank TAR UC for providing the solid foundation and the fastest route for me to obtain my ACCA qualification. I am now focused on completing the remaining ACCA Professional Level papers,” she said.

Tan Xin Yin’s success is another feather in TAR UC’s cap, as the institution has produced many high achievers in the ACCA examinations. TAR UC has received many accolades and recognition from ACCA which include amongst others, being recognised as the only institution in the world approved by ACCA to conduct the Internally Assessed ACCA Fundamentals (Skills Module) programme for all 9 modules of the ACCA fundamentals.