January 2017
A sea of orange-shirt runners making their way onto the running route.

A veteran runner making the effort to participate in the run.

A young participant joining in the fun.

Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai giving a speech encouraging everyone to participate in such events.

A modern dance performance by students of TAR UC.

The iphone 6 128GB lucky draw grand prize winner feeling exhilarated with his win (as seen here holding up his prize).

26 January 2017
Wangsa Maju Fun Run 2017

The Wangsa Maju Fun Run 2017 which was held at TAR UC Kuala Lumpur Main Campus recently was successfully held with much fanfare. Jointly organised by TAR UC, Wangsa Maju NGO body coalition and Federal Territory MCA chairman, Datuk Yew Teong Look’s service centre, the 8km fun run was held at the car park in front of the Sports Complex. There were a total of about 5,000 participants comprising students and staff of TAR UC and the public. The aim of the run was to promote sportsmanship, goodwill and interaction among students and local communities.

The event got off to an early start with a Zumba work-out as part of the warm-up exercises for the participants. Everyone was hyped up with the choreographed movements which were easy to follow and full of fun. After that, there was a fireworks display just before dawn that got everyone excited and ready to run.

At 7.00am sharp, horns were sounded, signaling to everyone that the fun run had started. All were in high spirits as they moved forward with the crowd to get onto the trail. The first finisher for the fun run, Azwan Bunjing, a Procurement Specialist who lives in Segambut, said: "It is good to cultivate a healthy lifestyle through running and this is a good event to enhance harmony among citizens." Another participant, Yu Hui Khiing, a TAR UC’s Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) student said that the run was well-organised and he found it challenging and he would encourage others to join. Encik Zulkepory Bin Hussin, a resident of Taman Melati, enthused: "The run was well-organised and it is good for intellectual development. I will bring my friends here for the next run."

After all had finished the run, Datuk Yew Teong Look expressed his heartfelt thanks to all for their support in organising and participating in this fun event. He also mentioned about how this event would bring togetherness between TAR UC and the local communities. Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, TARC Education Foundation and Board of Governors, TAR UC, Minister of Transport and MCA President, was also present at the event. In his speech, Dato’ Sri Liow said: "By participating in this event, there will be a sense of belonging to the community of Wangsa Maju. Therefore, there should be continuous effort in organising such events as it serves as an activity for healthy pursuits. Make sure you take care of your health by participating in such events."

After the speeches, mementos were given to the sponsors and various supporting bodies for their contribution and support of the event. It came as no surprise that the lucky draw sessions were the highlight of the event with altogether 121 prizes to be given away. The two grand prizes were the iphone 6 128GB and a 43" Samsung Smart TV. Besides the lucky draw sessions, there were performances put up by students of TAR UC from the Music Society, Cheerleading Team and Contemporary Dance Class and Street Dance and a self-defense talk on avoidance and survival by Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation.


Madam Looi Li Chin giving her welcome speech

Mr Kenneth Lau, a lecturer from CPUS, giving a motivational talk to the students

The new students at the Orientation session

23 January 2017
TAR UC Welcomes New Cohort of A Level & Foundation Students

On 9 January 2017, close to 100 A Level & Foundation students reported for their first day at TAR UC for the new January 2017 intake. They were taken through an Orientation session at DK A, TAR UC Main Campus. Organised by the Centre for Pre-University Studies (‘CPUS’), it was indeed an informative session for the newcomers as they were briefed on the various aspects pertaining to student life on campus.

The session began with a welcome speech by Madam Looi Li Chin, Head of CPUS who, besides introducing the management and teaching staff to the students, also briefed them on the skills and fundamental values that the Centre would strive to develop within the students throughout their studies at TAR UC. These included subject mastery, communication skills, problem solving skills as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. She also advised the students to be proactive and independent in their learning.

Subsequently, there was a short presentation by Mr Wong Wai Kit, a Student Counsellor from the Department of Student Affairs (‘DSA’) who briefed the students on the various self-enrichment programmes provided under the Student Counselling Services which included programmes to help the new students make new friends and adjust to campus life. This was then followed with a briefing by Mr Nyia See Thai, also a DSA Officer, who provided useful information on the many student facilities and services within campus from the sports facilities to student accommodation, bus service, cafeterias and so on.

Mr Kenneth Lau, a lecturer from CPUS, shared with the students some tips to adapt to, and succeed in their tertiary education in his motivational talk entitled “Tertiary Education – The Defining Moment”. These tips included being clear on their goals, having better time management, and the importance of being fluent in English. In his talk, he also stressed on the importance of being more sociable by actively participating in clubs and societies as well as other activities organised within campus. “In fact, it is all these activities that would be your defining moments in your tertiary education, not just the academic aspect,” he emphasised.

During the Orientation session, students were also introduced to the five student societies and clubs under CPUS and briefed on their respective A Level and Foundation programmes. In addition, A Level students were also equipped with all they needed to know about studying abroad.

With all these informative sessions held throughout the day, it is hoped that the newcomers would be better equipped to begin their sojourn on campus and subsequently enjoy a fruitful journey of growth at TAR UC. We extend our warmest welcome to the new students!


The winning team of the Nescafe Hub Competition with their mock cheque and plaque, in the presence of Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok (sixth from left), President of TAR UC, Ms Wong Hwa Kiong (leftmost), Dean of the Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (‘FAFB’) and Mr Johan Lim Kii Geat (rightmost), lecturer cum advisor for the students.

The plaque won at the competition

23 January 2017
TAR UC Students Emerge Victorious in Nescafe Hub Competition

It was indeed a remarkable show of entrepreneurship when TAR UC’s team consisting of Bachelor of Business (Hons) in International Business students as well as one Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) graduate managed to clinch the Overall Champion title in the Nescafe Hub Competition 2016. The students have therefore earned themselves cash prize of RM5,000, Nescafe products for one year as well as internship opportunities with Nestle. The competition which saw a total participation of 20 teams from various universities within Malaysia required the students to set up and operate their own Nescafe kiosk on campus whilst also competing to record the highest sales of drinks within a period of two weeks.

The competition started in early May with the submission of their business proposal. The team then successfully earned one of the top three spots in the competition, enabling them to proceed to the next round which was the operation of their Nescafe kiosk. After weeks of persistent efforts selling drinks at their kiosk, they managed to record the highest sales bringing them to the final round – the presentation of their business plan to a panel of judges – which took place on 25 November 2016 at Nestle’s Head Office at Surian Tower, Petaling Jaya.

When asked what motivated them to win, Tan Suet Keem, one of the team members said, “It was the first time we were participating in this competition. So, we were eager to contribute to TAR UC before graduating.”

“We also felt that this experience would be a good stepping stone for any future endeavours in entrepreneurship,” added Saravanan Poighai a/l Ganeson, another team mate.

On the various preparations that the entire team made for the competition, Leong Phui Yan, the captain of the team said, “We were involved in a lot of discussion and brainstorming to plan out the entire business proposal. We even sacrificed our time during the semester break for this.”

Another team member, Cheryl Ng Li San elaborated further on the challenges they faced during the preparation period saying, “Some of us were even in the United Kingdom pursuing our study abroad programme during that time. So, we had to adjust to the time difference and have our discussion through Skype.”

Phui Yan also attributed their success to their advisor, Mr Johan Lim Kii Geat who was always with them and very supportive of their efforts. The team was also grateful to TAR UC for their constant support throughout the competition and especially for their quick response in securing a location for their Nescafe kiosk. “Even before the top 10 winners of the competition were announced, we were already required to secure a location for our kiosk. So, we are most grateful to TAR UC for being able to secure a location for us six months in advance,” said Phui Yan.

The winners were also most eager to share their words of wisdom to students who wish to participate in this competition in future. “You would need to mentally prepare yourselves, stay strong, and always focus on teamwork,” said Saravanan Poighai. “It is also important to always have a contingency plan,” advised Cheryl Ng.


Ms Kho Sok Kee giving her speech at the ORIKAMI TAR UC event

From left to right: Ms Dearna Kee June Chen, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, Arts & Humanities (‘FSAH’), Ms Cynthia Yeoh, Mr Lim Tze Cheng, Ms Kho Sok Kee, Bryan Nathen, Mr Desmond Cheng, Jeffrey Cheng, Dato’ Yap Kuak Fong, Mr Jay Chai Synn Yii and Ms. Annai Kriyalakshmi during the launching ceremony.

Jeffrey Cheng (second from right) participating in one of the games organised by the students alongside Ms Kho Sok Kee (rightmost)

The sponsors taking a look at one of the exhibits at the event

21 January 2017
ORIKAMI TAR UC Celebrates the Originality of Homegrown Talents

In today’s constant hype towards the Western culture especially when it comes to the arts and production scene, our very own local talents in these fields have often been underappreciated despite the quality of their works. The ORIKAMI TAR UC event by TAR UC’s Final-year Bachelor of Public Relations (Hons) students is therefore a commendable effort by the students to uplift and reignite the appreciation towards Malaysian local productions as well as to showcase TAR UC’s many accomplishments in various fields.

Held in collaboration with NTV7 and 8TV, the lively three-day bazaar took place from 6 to 8 January 2017 at TAR UC Main Hall with an array of exciting activities which included exhibitions on successful local brands, performances featuring local guest celebrities, lucky draws, games and so on. It was mainly inspired by the idea of the ‘ORIKAMI’ a.k.a. ‘Original Kami’ movement which is an initiative of the industry.

The official launching ceremony of the event took place on 6 January 2017 with encouraging support from TAR UC senior officials, staff, students as well as the media. Attending the event were Ms Kho Sok Kee, Vice President of TAR UC, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Yap Kuak Fong, President of TARCian Alumni Association who was also one of the sponsors of the event, and Mr Desmond Cheng, General Manager of Media Prima TV Networks Consumer Communications Group with TAR UC’s very own alumni, Jeffrey Cheng (currently an accomplished Malaysian artist) and Chrystina Ng (currently a host for 8TV) as the Event Ambassador and Emcee respectively.

The event began with a speech by Ms Kho Sok Kee. In her speech, she remarked, “TAR UC has always been devoted to bringing a face and voice to originality. Educating students both academically, experientially and industrially, we have nurtured young and brilliant minds for over 48 years." She then added, saying, "This campaign serves as a reminder for every Malaysian to take pride in their origins through their support of locally produced artworks and productions; and for TARCians to be proud of their very own alumni who have made a mark in various industries such as businesses, technology, mass media and film."

Ms Kho then officially launched the event, followed by the presentation of certificates and plaques as tokens of appreciation to the sponsors of the event who are as follows:

  1. Ms. Cynthia Yeoh, Marketing Manager, J3 Marketing Sdn Bhd
  2. Mr. Lim Tze Cheng, General Manager, Inter Pacific Asset Management
  3. Dato’ Yap Kuak Fong, President of TARCian Alumni Association
  4. Mr. Jay Chai Synn Yii, CEO, Vegagi Web Celebrity Sdn Bhd
  5. Ms. Annai Kriyalakshmi, Founder, KMMSG Charitable Society
  6. Adrian Yeo Chartered Accountant
  7. Salutica Allied Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
  8. BNG Global Property Sdn Bhd
  9. HSB Enterprise
  10. O&G 8Lectricals (M) Sdn. Bhd
  11. Pleiades Thesaurus
  12. Shopee
  13. Polygon Property Sdn Bhd

Bryan Nathen, the Organising Chairperson of the event, found the entire experience of organising the event together with his fellow course mates as challenging yet extremely beneficial in preparing them for their future careers. He said, “We definitely gained many useful skills from people management skills to event management skills; learning how to plan activities, launching gimmicks and so on. What we experienced was, in fact, the whole essence of Public Relations – communicating an idea to a target audience - which in this case is promoting local Malaysian productions.”


The winning team comprising Sam Shi Jer (second from left) and Tan Li Ken (middle), receiving their prize from Mr. Alfred Tan (second from right) in the presence of Ms Lim Mei Shyan (rightmost) and Mr See Kwee Teck (leftmost)

A group photo of all the participants of the competition with their supervisors together with Ms Lim Mei Shyan (front row: third from left) and Mr. Alfred Tan (front row: third from right)

17 January 2017
My Appszil Android Apps Competition

The winning team for Phase 1 of the mobile apps competition organised by TAR UC in collaboration with My Appszil (Asia) Sdn Bhd, was announced on 16 November 2016. The competition which mainly aims to encourage students to think out of the box and develop their own mobile apps that is able to compete in the market saw a total participation of 13 students across seven teams. Sam Shi Jer and Tan Li Ken, both Year 3 students of the Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in Software Systems Development programme, was announced as the winning team by Mr. Alfred Tan, CEO of My Appszil (Asia) Sdn Bhd in the presence of Ms Lim Mei Shyan, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing (‘FASC’).

Students were first required to briefly outline their ideas by coming up with their own proposals. Then, based on the proposals, only a selected number of students were given the opportunity to join a five-day android mobile application training programme by My Appszil in January 2016 and proceeded to the next stage of the competition which was the actualisation of their proposals.

Through this competition, students will get a chance to tap into the Korean market as My Appszil is known to have strong collaborations with UbiNuri Inc., an apps store in Korea. Winners of the competition therefore earn a trip to Korea where they are required to pursue business opportunities for their mobile apps.

The winners, Sam Shi Jer and Tan Li Ken both joined the competition as part of their final year project. Their winning application, known as the Multilingual Multimedia Storybook Reader System, is mainly a platform where users can contribute their own children’s stories as well as read stories uploaded by other users. “It is a platform for members of the public to contribute to other members of the public – a concept similar to Wikipedia but the content here is mainly for kids,” said Sam Shi Jer.

According to him, the app was originally developed by their lecturer cum advisor, Mr See Kwee Teck for pre-school children in rural areas to access the free reading materials through tablets provided to them. “So, my partner and I basically improvised and enhanced the platform into an online and integrated system. We intended to solve the problem of copyright infringement and the lack of quality reading materials by using copyrighted storybooks and also by introducing a platform where the public can contribute stories to the system,” he enthused.

Phase 2 of the competition would start in January 2017 with the announcement of final results in June. Winners from this phase of the competition would also be joining the first phase winners in the business trip to Korea which is scheduled to take place between July and September 2017. “By joining this trip, the students will not only learn more about the Korean market, but they would also stand a chance to be selected for full-time employment at a Korean company,” said Ms Lim Mei Shyan at the prize giving ceremony.


Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok presenting his welcome remark.

Brigadier General Dr Leong Weng Foon addressing the attendees at the talk.

The students and guests attending the talk.

13 January 2017
Career Awareness Talk for TAR UC’s Army Reserve Unit Members

With the aim to promote greater awareness among youth on the potential career path in joining the army, members from the Malaysian Army Chinese Veteran Association (‘MACVA’) led by its President, Brigadier General Dr Leong Weng Foon and officials from the Ministry of Defence (‘MINDEF’) paid a visit to TAR UC on 30 November 2016. The career awareness talk which is an initiative between MACVA and MINDEF was held in Block DKE of Kuala Lumpur Main Campus and was attended by 53 students who are all members of TAR UC’s Army Reserve Unit. Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, was present to welcome the guests to TAR UC.

In his welcome speech, Datuk Dr Tan expressed his appreciation to the members of MACVA for sharing their invaluable experience when they were serving in the army with TAR UC students. “My gratitude goes to members of MACVA who came up with this initiative to share their experiences and knowledge with our students on being better leaders and to instil patriotism and determination to defend the sovereignty of our beloved homeland. Not forgetting the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) for their continuous support and co-operation to initiate this type of program towards promoting and creating awareness among our fellow students on the importance of armed force duties in the preservation of peace and stability in the country. Furthermore, this will give our students a better view of the possible career pathways available in the army,” he said.

Meanwhile Brigadier General Dr Leong Weng Foon was very happy to see the enthusiasm among TAR UC students to learn more about the army. “TAR UC is the first institution of higher learning for us to organise this career awareness talk and we are very honoured to share our experiences with students of TAR UC. MACVA is very encouraged and motivated to see a good turnout by TAR UC’s Army Reserve Unit to learn more about the career progression available for them should they join the army. This is a good start for MACVA in our efforts to not only educate the young but instil in them the interest to join the army once they graduate,” he expressed.

A representative from MINDEF then proceeded to present relevant information on joining the army to the students. Jason Chia Seng Ooi, a Diploma in Social Science (Counselling) student who attended the talk said: “I joined TAR UC’s Army Reserve Unit because I would like to be strong mentally and physically. Ever since I joined the Unit in October 2016, I have been attending various trainings and activities which helped me develop a discipline life. Due to the many benefits I have gained since joining the Army Reserve Unit, I am keen to learn the many benefits in joining the army and I am glad that TAR UC hosted this awareness talk.”


The Champion team for the Diploma Category which consists of Lim Qin Ni(second from left), Ng Peng Feng(second from right) and Tong Wai Kit(rightmost) holding their trophies together with Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok(middle), President of TAR UC, and Ms Wong Hwa Kiong (leftmost), Dean of the Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (‘FAFB’)

The 1st runner-up winning team for the University Category which consists of Lee Soon Ying (second from left), Tan Kar Men(third from left) and Lee Cheong Yit(second from right) holding their trophies together with Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok(third from right), Ms Wong Hwa Kiong (leftmost) and Mr Chuah Chin Leong(rightmost), Associate Dean, Professional Accountancy Department, FAFB

10 January 2017
TAR UC Grabs Top Spots in Accounting Students Quiz

TAR UC scored a double win in the MICPA-CAANZ Accountancy Week Accounting Students Quiz when its teams of students of the Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting) as well as Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) clinched the Champion and 1st runner-up titles respectively in the Diploma and University categories of the competition. Ng Peng Feng, Tong Wai Kit and Lim Qin Ni of the Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting) programme emerged as the Champion team in the Diploma Category, walking away with cash prize RM800, trophies and certificates, while Lee Cheong Yit, Lee Soon Ying and Tan Kar Men of the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) programme won the 1st runner-up position in the University Category, walking away with cash prize RM600, trophies and certificates.

Held on 2 December 2016 at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi, the nationwide competition saw the participation of 11 institutions of higher learning at the University level and 6 institutions at the Diploma level. It was mainly conducted in two stages with the preliminary round being a written quiz and the finals being an oral quiz. The competition is part of a series of activities organised during the annual MICPA-CAANZ Accountancy Week which is now in its 17th instalment. It mainly aims to test the students’ knowledge in accounting, auditing, business law, finance, taxation, general knowledge as well as current affairs.

When asked about the preparations they made for the competition, Ng Peng Feng from the Diploma team said that they had a lot of group discussion as a team. Tong Wai Kit, also from the same team, said that their strength in general knowledge played an important part in their win as a large part of the quiz tested them on this. Elaborating more on the nature of the quiz, he also added, “In the first round – the written quiz - we had to answer all the questions individually. However, in the oral part, we were allowed to discuss our answers. So, both our individual knowledge in the subjects tested as well as teamwork played a role in our win.”

On what motivated them to join the competition in the first place, Ng Peng Feng explained that they mainly joined the competition to gain new knowledge and experience. “Our main motive was to learn and experience something new. We really didn’t expect to win,” he said proudly. “The knowledge we gained in our programme of study definitely helped us a lot,” added Tong Wai Kit.

The team of students from the University level, on the other hand, spoke of what they learnt from the competition. “We learnt the importance of not just focusing on academic knowledge which we gain in the classroom but also on general knowledge. It is therefore necessary for us to expose ourselves to the latest issues in the world via World News, BBC and so on. It does not matter which area we read up on whether it be politics, finance and so on. As long as we widen our breadth of knowledge to other areas, we are bound to reap the benefits in future,” said Tan Kar Men. Lee Soon Ying from the University team, eagerly stressed on the importance of joining more competitions like this as it would be a good platform for students to learn how to apply their skills.


From left to right: Ms Dearna Kee June Chen, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Ms Lee Ying Hwei, Ms Doris Lim, Professor Dr Jamilah Ahmad, Professor Dr Kiranjit Kaur, Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, Dr Chook Ka Joo, Vice President of TAR UC, Mr Lee Hwee Chuin, Legal Advisor of TAR UC, Assoc Prof Say Sok Kwan, Vice President of TAR UC and Mr Joshua Lee.

The interesting forum on PR taking place on stage.

9 January 2017
Inaugural IPRM-TAR UC Student Chapter and PR Industry Forum

The first ever Institute of Public Relations Malaysia (‘IPRM’)-TAR UC Student Chapter was officially launched at the Auditorium of Bangunan Tun Tan Siew Sin, Kuala Lumpur Main Campus on 13 December 2016. The main objective of this student chapter is to provide an avenue for students majoring in public relations to participate, exchange ideas and be exposed to the real practice of Public Relations (‘PR’) through on-going activities and communication with the respective IPRM practitioners. Apart from that, it also aims to equip students with knowledge and skills through numerous industrial and academic-related programmes and activities.

Set up in 1962, IPRM aims at enhancing professionalism among public relations practitioners in Malaysia. It also supports educational activities and research in public relations. It also does training and development of Malaysians by preparing them for a career in public relations.

An opening speech was given by Professor Dr Kiranjit Kaur, an Accredited Public Relations Fellow with the IPRM where she announced that TAR UC is the 8th student chapter to be launched in Malaysia. “An educational institution requires strong collaboration and diverse partners from the industry to make it industry-relevant, as it is important for students to understand first-hand the practices of the PR profession so that they may hit the ground running when they graduate,” she said.

In conjunction with the launch, there were four invited speakers for the PR Industry Forum, who were PR practitioners and academicians. They were Professor Dr Jamilah Ahmad, who is attached to School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Ms Lee Ying Hwei, Associate Director, ROOTS PR, Mr Joshua Lee, Chief Managing Consultant, Hashtag City and Ms Doris Lim, Managing Director, Matrix Communications.

The forum uncovered a lot of interesting areas in the PR landscape. “PR has so much to do with connecting the dots. Read about everything. You have to be a specialist and generalist. It is your right as students to ask questions until you are satisfied and as PR specialists, it is the client’s right to have the best advice”, said Joshua. Doris on the other hand made a pertinent point about actual PR work. “Marketable PR graduates not only have to be equipped with the right skills, they also have to be well-versed with strategic content, have an exposure to management tools which are used for critical analysis and problem solving, as well as have higher order thinking skills.”


From left to right: Mr Chuah Chin Leong, Associate Dean, Professional Accountancy Department, Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (‘FAFB’), Ms Wong Hwa Kiong, Dean of FAFB, Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, together with Saw Zhi Shan, First Runner-up winner in the Individual Category, Mr Michael Yeo Thiam Swee and Mr Chong Geok Chuang, both lecturers cum mentors for the students.

Chuah Wei Jie (middle), recipient of the ACCA Best Presenter Award (Individual Category) and Lim Jing Jie (third from right), recipient of the ACCA Best Presenter Award (Team Category) holding their plaques together with Mr Chuah Chin Leong (leftmost), Ms Wong Hwa Kiong (second from left), Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok (third from left), Mr Michael Yeo Thiam Swee (second from right) and Mr Chong Geok Chuang (rightmost).

Saw Zhi Shan(third from left), Lim Jing Jie(fourth from left), Pong Wen-Xin Isabelle(fourth from right) and Revathi Naidu a/p Rajaram Naidu(third from right) holding their plaques and giving a thumbs-up alongside Mr Chuah Chin Leong(leftmost), Ms Wong Hwa Kiong(second from left), Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok(middle), Mr Michael Yeo Thiam Swee(second from right) and Mr Chong Geok Chuang(rightmost).

The awards won by the students
6 January 2017
TAR UC Students Achieve Multiple Wins at Deloitte Tax Challenge 2016

It came as no surprise when TAR UC students once again earned top positions and awards at this year’s Deloitte Tax Challenge. A total of 2,545 participants from 44 universities nationwide took part in this 9th instalment of the competition. In the finals held on 10 November 2016 at Deloitte’s Head Office in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) student Saw Zhi Shan won the First Runner-up position while Chuah Wei Jie, also a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) student, won the ACCA Best Presenter Award in the Individual Category. Saw Zhi Shan walked away with cash prize RM2,000, a trophy and a certificate for his win while Chuah Wei Jie received a plaque for his award.

It was also a double win for Saw Zhi Shan when his team comprising three other Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) students, Lim Jing Jie, Pong Wen-Xin Isabelle and Revathi Naidu a/p Rajaram Naidu emerged as Second Runner-up in the Team Category of the competition, walking away with cash prize RM2,000, trophies and certificates. From this team, Lim Jing Jie also received the ACCA Best Presenter Award under the Team Category. With an aim to promote tax as a career option, the competition mainly challenged the participants on their tax knowledge by providing them with real-life simulations of tax profession.

When interviewed, the winners of the Team Category attributed their success to their lecturers as well as their strong bond as a team. “Since the competition includes advanced tax knowledge, our lecturers, Mr Michael Yeo Thiam Swee and Mr Chong Geok Chuang sacrificed their time after classes to coach us. We were also trained more in our presentation skills as the finals involved presenting our answers to the case studies given,” said Revathi Naidu a/p Rajaram Naidu. Pong Wen-Xin Isabelle also commended TAR UC’s library facility which provided them with helpful knowledge resources for the competition.

Chuah Wei Jie, on the other hand, spoke of how his role as course representative for his batch indirectly contributed to his success in winning the Best Presenter Award. “Besides having an English-speaking family background, I believe that my role as course representative for my batch also played a role in helping me achieve this award as I was required do a lot of talking in front of others. This boosted my confidence in public speaking which in turn helped me in my presentation skills,” he explained. Lim Jing Jie, who also won the Best Presenter Award, explained how the tutorial sessions helped in improving their presentation skills. “For every tutorial session, we are required to present what we have learnt and this, I believe, is a good way for us to improve on our presentation skills.

As for tips to juniors who wish to emulate their success in future, Saw Zhi Shan said, “You should always challenge yourself to try new things.” Revathi Naidu a/p Rajaram Naidu and Pong Wen-Xin Isabelle also stressed on the importance of improving one’s English proficiency and presentation skills.